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Maximum Metal

"Neverland stands for: energy filled metal with much melody." --Neverland Pretty good summary of the extremely impressive demo from these six guys from Switzerland. If I had to, I'd call them a power-prog band with a sound that is highly talented power metal or prog with catchy choruses and less musical indulgences. From the opening number "Neverland" to the last, "Mysteria", the songs on the four song set are pretty consistently played with power chord leads and melodic scale runs between the verses. Their musical education is appearent in not only the skill of each member but also the fine production and arrangements that were done by themselves.
Mike Zotter's vocals are clean and with only a slight accent. I didn't have any issues with his abilities overall, but they are in a somewhat safe range and I would have liked to see what kind of stretch his vocals are capable of. All of the guys are music school trained and it shows. Each song is about 4 1/2 to 5 minutes long and nothing here is menacing or overly uplifting. None of it is overly triumphant or glorious, but it is well-crafted positive-styled metal that could easily find a market in the power-prog scene.
Bottom line: One of the most well-made demos we've recieved. Fans of bands like Dream Theater, Symphony X, Royal Hunt and Sonata Artica should check this band out.
--Nailer 04.01.04


Here we have a HIGH QUALITY independent release, because the Swiss band NEVERLAND is playing lovely Melodic Progressive Metal in the style of VANDENPLAS, SYMPHONY X and THRESHOLD. Their mini-CD has a HUGE sound and 4 sensational songs. The songs are not very progressive, as they are mostly straight-forward uptempo with very catchy memorable choruses and excellent guitarwork. Highlights are the uptempo ”No time to lose” and ”Express your servant”, both very very strong. Concluded, a HIGHLY RECOMMENDED independent mini-CD from the Swiss band NEVERLAND!


Neverland is a new Progressive/Melodic Metal band, with members coming from Switzerland and Germany. Their story started in 1999, but their line-up was only completed in early 2003 when vocalist Mike Zotter (ex-Dreamscape, Arch-Angel...) joined them. The four songs on their first demo-CD are all composed by guitarist Daniel Huber and the lyrics are written by vocalist Mike. On this demo CD they mix progressive metal with melodic hard rock/metal, especially thanks to the melodic vocal style of Mike. The main influences of the band that I've heard are Royal Hunt and (especially) Symphony X. Neverland is a very promising new band, with their progressive metal influenced melodic metal songs, topped off with Michael Romeo's inspired guitar solos. (Review by: Ronny Elst)


Points: 8.5 out of 10

Please God, do all these self financed release like the one of this band. This i call, craftsman. The band, comes from Swiss and this is their latest mini cd. Which has four songs. Besided the music section, they guys have done an excellent work in the package section. A professional booklet, a cd from a factory and generally the whole package is professional. Now in the music paths, the band deliver to us, again, excellent progressive metal in the vein of Symphony X and Threshold. I am not so much into the progressive metal, but i really enjoy the release from Neverland. I wish someday, they will release their debut album. They deserve it. All the fans of progressive metal should check immediately this release. (Reviewed by Antonis Maglaras)

Metal Observer

Points: 7 out of 10

From Switzerland we get quite a few styles, but Power Metal is a rather rare treat so far. Apparently a group of young folks from Switzerland and Germany thought the same and founded the formation NEVERLAND at the end of 1999, whose first one is a self-titled MCD with 4 songs that just peacefully rotates in my player. Six men it is and brotherly divided into German and Swiss, each of them already populating the Metal scene for roundabout ten years, so the expression ”newcomer” is relative in the case of NEVERLAND. And this experience also shows, because performance wise the gentlemen deliver a tight debut. The band hymn ”Neverland” sets out with a straight rhythm, keyboards and a certain symphonic touch, add to that a very catchy chorus, while in the interaction between riffs and rhythm they also show a certain progressive touch as well, which continues in the following ”No Time To Lose”, which altogether is more at home in Melodic Metal and apart form some guitar fuddlings again features a very catchy chorus. ”Express Your Servant” reminds me a bit of the known Swedish neo-classics and I am pretty sure that SYMPHONY X are not exactly unknown in the NEVERLAND camp, but without sliding into the role of a copy, a direction that also the closing ”Mysteria” goes into. So basically I should correct myself now and say that NEVERLAND are not really Power Metal, but rather are a mix of Melodic, Progressive and Power Metal. ”Neverland” has not turned out to be a highflyer yet, but then again one may not forget that this is the first release of the guys and for that it is pretty good. Best thing is that you’ll listen into the sound files yourself and then rank them yourself. I for myself like what they have on offer here. (Reviewed by Alex)