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tickets for the "Swiss Metal Attack Event" at the Z7 Pratteln on Saturday May 15th, can be ordered directly from us for 20CHF. off.price, 25CHF)
Happy easter!


You can listen to the interview on radio "Kanal K" (103,4/92,2/94,9)
on March 22nd at 11 p.m.
A sampler CD's going to be released in which NEVERLAND is also involved with one song! The sampler is called:
Best of Swiss Rock/Metal


New tour dates, more informations will follow...Interview with NEVERLAND on March, 16th
at radio "Kanal K"
NEVERLAND reached the 3rd place in the bandcontest at the Pascha Club in Bützberg...


First reviews are written (discography) Several new NEVERLAND pics (pictures)
!! enjoy !!


The NEVERLAND CD is now available at www.cede.ch and www.gothicshop.ch Please order the CD there, as long as our own shop isn't online!


follow this link www.paschaclub.ch for informations  about where the band contest's going to take place.


Neverland wishes merry Christmas to everyone !




Neverland wishes merry Christmas to everyone !


..many News finally!at first a correction: our CD hasn't been mastered at the Greenwood Studio Nunningen like planned but at Kilchberg.We were satisfied after the third try....finally!!Now it's released, our first NEVERLAND CD!!(soon available on our Homepage)You can already get it here: MediaMarkt Pratteln, Musicstore Murten (more soon!!)January the 22nd we're going to take part in a Band contest atBützberg where we need your votes to win!!Please come and vote for us!!!


The disk has been recorded and mixed: it’s worth the long time it took! Final step will be mastering it at the Greenwood Studio in Nunningen CH.


First dates of concerts are now fixed , and we’re expecting to release our first 4-Track disc in autumn. Recording is almost completed and will be followed by mastering sessions with Thommy Vetterli (formerCoroner/Kreator member) at the new sound studio.