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The story of NEVERLAND began in autumn 1999 at the music school ACM, Academy of Contemporary Music at Zurich. There Boris Stoll and Daniel Huber decided to establish a new Band. They wanted to integrate their musical ideas in compositions, which everyone who listens to melodious vocals, progressive parts combined with classical riffs will like very much. After a long time with difficulties in completing the Band, they found with Manuel Wagner (key), Andreas Mislin (guit) and Roland Jost (bass) the appropriate musicians until early 2003 Mike Zotter (voc) completed today’s line up of NEVERLAND.

Whereas no singer was present Tommy Lion of the power-Metal Band ”Stormhammer” from Munich (DE) helped NEVERLAND out with vocals. During the search of a qualified singer the band members were looking for a band name that had to summarize both musical aspects and everyone’s attitude with their backgrounds. Statement of baptizer Roland Jost:” I thought NEVERLAND matches more than good because every member comes from a different part of Switzerland or Germany. In my opinion NEVERLAND reflects a symbiosis of the words ”surface and distance” which gets reflected by spherical Keyboards and the melodious vocals. The ground part of the song is completed with the rhythm section. Such is the best description of the musical direction NEVERLAND stands for: energy filled Metal with much melody.

Music in general means not only a question of origin or age, but also an attitude of life. These thoughts unite the six musicians to a unity that is reflected by the music they play. In spite of the uniform preference for bands like Royal Hunt, Yngwie Malmsteen or SymphonieX, in combination of every individual’s influence they manage to bring everything to a core point. That’s why the band shortly created their own Style of music.

It’s important to the band that the songs are varied and represent the right mix of straightness and experiment ness, but don’t expect too much to the listener. NEVERLAND songs should cause new attractions also after listen to them for several times.

NEVERLAND has done the first step in their history of music; let’s do the next step together!

See you on tour, Neverland!